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Things you should know about recruiting in Poland

Recruitment varies from one country to another, that’s hardly news. Crossing boundaries means new cultures, new languages, different values and varied sourcing channels. That is why, we decided to share more details about what recruiting in Poland looks like.


Getting to know the talent market in Poland 


Before diving into the recruitment efforts, it’s important to conduct thorough market research. It is key to understand the local culture, competitive landscape, talent pool and regulatory environment. For many foreign companies, the termination notice period or number of vacation days available in Poland come as a surprise. When recruiting in Poland, you have to understand such nuances to prepare your hiring strategy and adapt your offer to the local standards. The second step is the way you present your company to potential employees. Currently, in Poland, work-life balance and well-being topics are quite strong, as well as working flexibility and remote options.  Tailor your employer branding to resonate with the new market’s values and aspirations. You need to find your unique value proposition.


Talent sourcing in Poland 


Whether you look for Fintech specialists, IT professionals or top managers in Poland you also look for their language skills. A significant part of the Polish candidates are people who speak English, of course. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all Polish professionals will create their online profiles in English. Some of them might feel more comfortable describing their work experience in their native language. Others could simply use their job description to fill in their profile which could be written in Polish. Which is why, when sourcing candidates in Poland, it is important to also translate your keywords into Polish. It can be difficult if you don’t speak the language, but tools such as Google Translate or Deepl come in handy. Remember to also examine the profiles of candidates you do find online: if the profile exists in both English and Polish, compare them and make notes of the Polish vocabulary used. May the source be with you!


Navigating the job boards


Additionally to souring, leverage the local job boards, social media platforms, and industry-specific websites. There are some strong players on the market, so ensure your presence on popular platforms when recruiting in Poland. They will each have a very different approach to attracting candidates: some do it through content, others through a very specific job ad format. If you happen to recruit in IT, have a look at job boards such as Inhire.io, Just Join IT, Bulldogjob or No Fluff Jobs. For more general approach, check Pracuj.pl.or LinkedIn job board.


Recruitment agencies in Poland


You can find some of the large, international agencies in Poland. But more and more of small, specialized agencies appear on the market that might be able to offer services better suited to the local market. From agencies who specialize in recruiting in just one industry in one city only, to agencies that cover a slightly wider region, there is plenty to choose from. Establishing local partnerships can provide valuable insights into the market, access to a wider candidate network, and a boost to your brand’s credibility.

Recruiting in a brand-new market requires a strategic and adaptive approach, by attracting top talent, you create a successful foundation for your company on the Polish market. Not sure where to start? We will be happy to be your guide. You can contact us here.

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