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The new visual identity has been inspired by brands present on the European market. Various solutions have been used to create a communication system that, regardless of the place of operation, will ensure consistency in the brand image. By cutting the logotype, a shape was created that has become a guiding element for various parts of identification. The colors correspond closely to the brand's values - an unusual approach to recruitment processes, tolerance, innovation and looking into the future.

While working with both candidates and employers, we always focus on solutions ideally tailored to the expectations of both sides. We have been evaluating our services and competencies. Therefore, we have decided to proceed with the rebranding process of the company, which reflects the uniqueness of our business - says Katarzyna Szudy, General Manager of HR Contact - We are constantly increasing the level of our services, aiming to be the HR agency of first choice - a people-friendly company that assists with professional development. 

Our new brand shows that we are more than a simple recruitment service – we do not match people and job offers mechanically but we dedicate time to evaluate individual potential. We have an enthusiastic team, we talk business and most importantly we work for people – adds Katarzyna Szudy.

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