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You’ve probably come across this common question before. Interestingly, this often marks the starting point when helping people who are dealing with their overall health and well-being. The answer can be really important in understanding how you’re feeling mentally. And surprisingly, the answer only occasionally is “ME”.


❌ Putting Ourselves First Is Selfish.


A lot of us have grown up thinking that prioritizing ourselves could be seen as being selfish. The reality is this idea can be quite harmful. The best way to truly care for others and be there for them is by first taking care of our own well-being. Only when you do that, you become capable of recognizing all the meaningful and genuinely happy moments in your life and sharing them with your loved ones. 


✅ Focusing on the Essentials: Meeting Our Basic Needs.  


Let’s begin with the fundamentals by addressing your basic needs. Think about it: what kind of quality time can you offer to someone when you’re exhausted, annoyed, or under stress? Probably not the best. It’s the simple things like getting enough sleep, staying active, eating healthily, making time for relaxation and enjoyment – these are all vital for the proper functioning of both your body and your MIND! Strangely, we all seem to understand this universal truth but often forget to put it into action. Saying things like, „I’ll rest when I’m retired,” or „I’ll have time to relax when I’m old,” just won’t cut it. Life is too short. Make sure you tend to your fundamental needs; only then will you be truly prepared for the next step. 


✅ Pay Attention to Your Inner Self.


Recognizing your current emotions is super important. However, when you ask the question, „How do I feel today?”. The answer often falls into categories like good, not good, or could be better. This is a starting point, as it involves acknowledging your emotional state and giving yourself some attention. But honestly, the response could be better especially when emotions can be tricky.  

Try the Plutchik Model of Emotions, which is a simple way to make sense of feelings and answer the question in more detail. Awareness of our emotions helps us know what we want and need (or don’t want!). It also helps us have better relationships as understanding them can help us talk about our feelings more clearly, handle conflicts better, and move past tough feelings more easily. So, one more time, „How do you feel today?” 


Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions: Feelings Wheel • Six Seconds (6seconds.org) 


 Time to Treat Yourself! 


When some of us hear about nurturing our inner child or finding peace, we might initially envision unusual rituals or spiritual encounters, which can be off-putting. We understand this hesitation, and at HR Contact, we lean towards more down-to-earth ways to nurture our well-being. Over time, we’ve come across suggestions to pamper ourselves and ensure our well-being is in check. Here are some examples:  


Take control! You are responsible for how you take care of yourself and your needs. 
Maintain a balance between different areas of life. 
Remember your passions!  
Devote a few minutes to yourself every day! 
Create your own rituals. 
Allow yourself moments of „doing nothing.”


In recent years, the significance of well-being in the workplace has been steadily increasing. Previously, the general idea was that well-being is mostly connected with physical health. Nonetheless, recent research demonstrates that cultivating a joyful mindset is equally vital, not just for individual growth but also for achieving one’s professional aspirations. The promotion of well-being within the workplace holds importance in enabling employees to perform at their best. This extends beyond large corporations; it should be a common goal for every organization. 


All of the above might sound simpler in words than in action. But do not worrywe’re here to help you. At HR Contact, we understand the significance of cultivating positive vibes and fostering connections within a team. That’s why we’re excited to extend this spirit to you through an exclusive development and integration workshop for you and your team!  


Our special Happy Camper training offers a remarkable chance to: 

 Self-Check Your Well-being. 
 Unleash Inner Strengths. 
 The Story of Happiness. 
 Managing Professional Burnout. 
 Stress Coping Techniques. 
 Unite and explore together.


Sounds interesting? Do not wait and contact us today to talk about the details of our special offer tailored to your needs.  

And remember: You deserve to spoil yourself every now and then!  

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