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ChatGPT – a game changer of research

What is that mystical tool ❓  ️‍♂️


Without a doubt OpenAI, not long ago not a very recognizable name of the company, revolutionized the market and launched a powerful tool that amazes others and leaves a strongly noticeable hype.


So, who is the one to better give you a definition than the tool itself ?


How it works? Compared to Google search engine, when you put what you are looking for and get a list of results with tons of pages, picking what might be right or wrong, here all you need to do is to ask the right question and it synthesizes single answers. It resembles a human-like  conversation in a messenger-style chat box. What is more, you can follow up and ask again continuously to give you more information about anything. 


Question answering – it was the trigger for us and a time to play with this AI tool to see how we can utilize it in sourcing and recruitment. Since its launch, there have been several articles and posts written about the subject, coming from HR experts, Sourcers and Technical Geeks. After some time spent on following and reviewing, combined with experimenting with the tool ourselves, let us share some questions that we asked Chat GPT and the results it offered for each query. 


1. Personalized outreaches.  


Case: What message would you write to a sales representative looking for a job? 

Result: E-mail templates that you can modify. It can also be done to create a relevant conversation intro btw people.

2. Generating and improving job ads. 


Case: We uploaded a sample job description and asked the Chat GPT to summarize the JD or write a job advert for a Java Software Engineer. 

Result: It can change the tone, use more advanced vocabulary or write the job ad from scratch. 

3. Keyword research, target companies and market mapping.

Case: Which Fintech companies are operating in Poland? 

Result: It provides a list of role-relevant words, target companies, job boards to post your vacancy and many more.


4. Interview questions and recommended answers support. 

Case: What would you ask a Sourcer with a one-year experience? 

Result: A list of potential key competency-based questions ideas. 


5. CV creation. 

Case: How would you moderate the CV to be a good fit for a Risk Manager role? 

Result: It can create your resume from scratch or evaluate the one you have. 


6. Solving the problems with recruitment data. 

Case: How would you increase the effectiveness of your employer branding? 

Result: It gives ideas for improvement and provides you with examples of what you can do. 


7. Content creation. ✍️

Case: Write an engaging post encouraging people to read a book:” HR in IT”. 

Result: You can get inspired for your writing, re-write text or use already-made templates.  

… and many more that are only limited to your creativity ❗ 


What are the potential pros of the ChatGPT ❓

➕ What is fascinating is keeping a consistent conversation. It remembers what we ask at the beginning and based on the prompts it recalls human conversation.

 It requires more critical thinking, prompt crafting or AI sourcing as a new skill to learn. 

 Automation saves a substantial amount of time and improves your capability and productivity.

 Free of charge, as it is now in a “testing” phase, but it will be soon charging around 42 USD monthly.


However, from the drawbacks perspective we can tell: 

 Limited knowledge of world and events data after 2021.

 Frequently overloaded due to exceptionally high demand nowadays. 

 Dangerous to become overdependent on a piece of software – remember that if it is programmatic and automated, it cannot reflect human relations and intuition. 




Some of you may look at it in the blink of an eye  ️, but personally, we love ❤️ ChatGPT for its in-depth uses.  Will ChatGPT replace Sourcers and Recruiters?   

Our answer is NO, but Sourcers and Recruiters who use AI tools may replace those who are not up to date with the development of new tools. We could advance our skills using AI technology by helping us automate things and be more efficient.   Using ChatGPT as a tool may be recommended but used wisely. We are more than excited to see its capabilities in the long run!

What about you? What do you think about ChatGPT? Already tested or about to start playing? 


Author: Anna Drzał

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