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We realize that hiring is an important decision for both the candidate and the client.

In our daily work, we exemplify values of openness and empathy. We understand the expectations of candidates and we know how to connect them with the business needs of our clients. Our partnership approach is the essence of what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our areas of expertise

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Digital technologies have changed the financial landscape of the 21st century, consequently revolutionizing the labor market and creating new areas of expertise. 

Areas such as internet and mobile payments, big data and alternative finance affect the quality of our lives. Digitally perfect financial products enable universal access to finance and BNPL.

Our knowledge of the FinTech market landscape will be an added value for your projects.

Here are the projects we have completed so far: AML Analyst, Payment Sales Manager, Relationship Manager, In-House Lawyer, Business Analyst, Credit Risk Manager, AML Manager, Fraud Prevention Manager, M&A Director, Product Director, Country Manager, et al.

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If you're developing your business, whereas the digital transformation and implementation of new technologies is your priority - you need the best people in your team.

Due to the industry knowledge and our recruitment experience, we can effectively support you in finalizing of your projects within 3 - 4 weeks.

Our foregoing recruitments are: CRM Automation Specialist, Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, PR Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Product Manager, Performance Marketing Manager, Growth Marketing Manager, HR Business Partner, et al.

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The industry knowledge, the ability to adjust the communication and engage the IT candidates in the process are the basis for the successful and effective IT recruitment.

As an HR Contact team, we build business-partner relationships with the IT experts, enabling us to discuss their experience and your projects openly and thoroughly. We take advantage of the latest sourcing tools and industry platforms: Recruitment Professional Services, Stack OverFlow, GitHub, MeetUp or OctoHR.

The projects we have completed are: QA Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Technical Writer, Java Developer, React Developer, .Net Developer, Dynamics 365 Expert, Project Manager, Product Manager, Solution Architect, Head of Software Development, et al.

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According to Murphy's law "If anything can go wrong, it will".  Unless, you have great engineers on board who won't allow such things to happen.  

Together with our business partners from the automotive and aviation industry, we build teams, recruiting for such roles as: Logistics Specialist, Material Planner, Technical Buyer, Quality Engineer, SAP Application Specialist, Production Support Specialist, NPI Engineer, Project Manager, Lean Coordinator, Finance Manager, Purchasing and Material Planning Manager, Quality Manager, HR Manager and Plant Manager, et al.

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Finding HR talent is what we excel at. As an agency, we assist in building internal HR departments not only by supporting the hiring process itself, but also training staff and providing complex solutions tailored to individual needs. Keep in mind that employees are the most valuable asset of your enterprise. Investing in human capital is a crucial factor for its growth.

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Experience and knowledge - We are a team of HR specialists. Each project is lead by a professional with a solid background in your field.

Effectiveness - We carry out recruitment processes efficiently and effectively. Our effectiveness is 98% in closing recruitment projects and 97% of our recommended candidates continue to cooperate with the company after the first (1) year.

Savings in time - We handle the entire recruitment process strategically - from assessing and identifying the requirements to hiring the candidate. You can save up to 70% of your recruitment time by collaborating with us.

Employer Brand Manager/Candidate Experience - We are for people. We care about your brand and relationships with candidates.

Passive candidates - Let’s face it, people who are happy with their job just don’t look for a new one. This group is the most difficult to reach by recruiters. For employers, however, who demand top talents, they are a necessity. We can reach them without any problem.

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